Assignment not saved

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Assignment not saved

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Hi there. Just tested around with the program. I trying to use it it with FS2020 and a Novation Launchpad Mini and a AKAI MidiMix.
So I start up the Midikey2key. Then hit the start butoon etc. When I assign a keystroke for a button either on Launchpad or MidiMix and click safe, nothing happens. In the section edit actions there is only Startup nothing more. It seems that the assignsments are not stored. There is also no folder in documents for Midikey2key with a settings.ini. What did I wrong? Are these contorller not compatible? Did anyone get it ro work with FS2020?

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Re: Assignment not saved

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Use the "New" function in the menu and create a new settings.ini. Check, if a folder "Midikey2key" ist created in Your documents folder.
You also could created it manually.

I did not test MSFS2020 yet.
When You get it to work with notepad, try the flightsim after that.
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