newbie question

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newbie question

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Hi Guys i am new here and i have a question b4 i download and use this program.

i need too program a hot key (and after if poss an "F" button on my midi controller) i use cubase pro and i want to have this hot key to send multiple "CC" comands..
am i able to do this , is it easy for a not so tech savvy peep like me ??
thanks in advance

T :D
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Re: newbie question

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I am not sure, if I understand You correctly.

Normally You would produce a MIDI event on a MIdI controller/instrument and let MK2K translate this into a keypress on the PC.

Yyou wrrote thaat You'dd liike to react on a F-Key pressing on Your MIDI controller. Does this pproduce a MIDII meessage like a Note-On?

If so, You can send out chains of MIDI commansd to another MIDI device, wwhich You have to chooose as MIDI out device.
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