Sticky: MidiKey2Key Pro development progress

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Sticky: MidiKey2Key Pro development progress

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Aug. 2020
Prototype of virtual Joystick integration with up to 16 Joysticks
and 128 buttons, 8 axis and 4 coolie hats each is done and working!
To do: Integration into Midikey2Key, setup-dialog and storage of these new options.

Oct. 2020
Pro Registration key development is made and key-online-database is created.
To do: Integration of these into MK2K as well as still the one above.

Next steps (late 2020/early 2021):
- Create virtual Mouse movements and -clicks
- Microsoft Flight Simulator integration (lile TrainSim integration)

- Create an online store for purchasing MK2K Pro
- Release MidiKey2Key Pro with these features
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